If your Marketing Suite Subscription Plan includes adding Custom Music Services & Stores, then you may submit a request for Feature.fm to add any Custom Music Service or Store to include in your Smart Links.

Submitting the Custom Store Request

In order to submit a custom store request, please send an email directly to your Dedicated Account Manager or to the Client Services email address that your Account Manager has provided to you with the below information.

The Subject of the Email should be: "Custom Store Request" and the email must include:

  • Service/Store Name (i.e. "Rough Trade", "Secretly Store", etc)

  • Store icon image in .png format with transparent background: Display ratio is 1 x 1 ( 150x150)

  • Store logo image in .png format with transparent background: Display ratio is approx. 3.2 x 1 (412x130)

  • Desired Default Pre-Release CTA (i.e. "Pre-Order", "Pre-Save", etc)

  • Desired Default Released CTA (i.e. "Buy", "Play", etc)

Timeline: Feature.fm will make best efforts to add your store within 72 hours.

Missing Assets or Inaccurate Specs: 

If your request is missing assets or is submitted with inaccurate specs, it can add 24-48 hours additional turnaround time.

In this case, Feature.fm will either 1) Notify you to re-submit assets 2) Use a generic icon where applicable or 3) Manually re-size, re-adjust, or re-locate a more accurate spec.

More than 1 store request at a time? 

You can include them all in the same email.

Icon & Logo Examples:

Correct Icon display:

Correct Logo display:

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