As a subscribed member of our marketing suite you are able to request a custom store button if there is a service you'd like to include on your Smart Link that we don't already support. Please see below for the SLA surrounding this service:

Format: Must be .PNG file:

  • Icon: display ratio is 1 x 1 (150x150)
  • Logo: display ratio is approx. 3.2 x 1 (412x130)

Correct Icon display:

Example icon graphic HERE.

Correct Logo display:

Example logo graphic HERE.

CTA: Please specify the following with each request:

  • Store Name
  • Pre CTA (i.e. "pre-save", "pre-order", etc.)
  • Released CTA (i.e. "stream", "download", "buy", "watch", etc.)

Missing Assets / Different Specs: If you are missing an icon, we will input a generic "record" icon as a placeholder. You must have a logo in your submission to be approved. Any asset that is not in line with specs can add 24-48 hours additional turnaround time.

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