1. Log into your Feature.fm account and go to the “Action Pages” tab. Click on the pink “+” sign to create a new page:


2) A window will appear and you will be prompted to choose the platforms you’d like included on your page. From there, you will be given a set of actions to select, relevant to each DSP:

3) Fill in the open fields that appear in the next window (example screenshot from the “pre-save” action). You do not need to have your released URL prior to setting up a pre-save:

4) Scroll down to update your success message, as well as choose from a variety of secondary options (pendent per DSP you use) :

5) Select “Add Action” and the button will successfully be saved to your page. You will then be brought to an edit screen, similar to how standard Smart Links are edited:

6) Fill in the settings accordingly. If you would like to add multiple Action buttons, click on the bar below to add another action on the same service, or a new action on a different service:

8) Make sure your advanced settings are filled in properly. A guide on how to correctly set these up in your account beforehand is available here:

9) Once your page has been saved, you can access the share link by clicking “Get Link”:

10) Monitor the statistics of your campaign in real time by selecting “results”, or clicking directly on the campaign title:

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