How To Create A Deezer Sponsored Song Campaign

1) Log in, click into your specified artist profile, and select “Create Ad Campaign”:

2) Select “Deezer Sponsored Song”:

3) You will be prompted to name your Campaign:

4) Search your song in Deezer’s catalogue by typing the title and artist in the search bar:

5) Target your location down to a country level, specify designated age range and genders. Include only relevant genres, and a nice amount of relevant, similar artists to target against (around 8 - 10 are suggested).

6) Select your Call To Action from a pre-populated choice, or create a custom, CTA and insert an accompanying URL. The top performing CTA’s are “View Artist Profile” and “Check Out Album”. It is best to keep the user within the Deezer platform, if possible.

7) Fill in your designated budget, and set your start and end dates. If you do not set dates, the budget will automatically fill as fast as possible with no pacing. We encourage you to set start and end dates, and evenly pace your campaign.

8) Submit your campaign for approval:

9) To help expedite, you may ping your Account Manager once it’s been submitted. 

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