Placements - Total number of web pages your song was placed on

Viewed impressions- Total times your song was actually seen by a real person. You are only charged for viewed impressions when someone actually sees your song.

Clicks- The total number of times someone has clicked on your song or call to action.

CTR- The click through rate. The total clicks divided by viewed impressions.

Budget Spent- How much money you have spent.

Traffic Sources


This data shows where your song is being placed. It breaks down the different sites that your song has been on, how many times they have been placed there (Placements), the total number of times your song was actually seen by a real person(Viewed impressions), how many times someone has clicked on your song (Clicks), and the percentage of the clicks over the number of impressions (CTR).

'Campaign Timeline'


This graph shows you the number of placements, viewed impressions, and clicks your campaign has had since you first started. The lighter/faded blue represents the placements(number of times your song was placed on a site), the darker blue line represents the viewed impressions(number of times your song was actually seen by a person), and the purple represents the clicks (how many people clicked on your song). If you solely want to see placements, viewed impressions, or clicks, you can click on the little circles right next to "placements", "viewed impressions", and "clicks" on the top center of the graph.

If you want to change the time period you can use the two bluish grey bars on the bottom of the graph to adjust the time period.



This part of the analytics page shows you where in the world your song is being placed, and how many times it's being placed, viewed, and clicked on. The CTR percentage shows the number of times it was clicked over the number of times it was placed in our partnered websites.

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